Sunday, November 26, 2017

Neo-Noir StoryBundle Includes GREEN LIGHT DELIVERY

Webrid is not always the best in social situations, but the earnestly goofy protagonist of my trilogy of humorous space opera novels is currently forced to hang out with some pretty striking characters.

StoryBundle is offering a pay-what-you-want collection of neo-noir fiction, and I'm honored to have Green Light Delivery included. Check out this lineup:

And now a word from celebrated indie publisher and editor Kate Sullivan:

The Neo-Noir Bundle serves up, in one fell swoop and at rock-bottom price, a collection of ten riveting works that blur boundaries, mix up expectations, and blend together all the best that noir has to offer.
Cross boundaries and defy expectations while exploring the noir tenets. Unreliable narrator? Check. Cynical, world-weary protagonist who's as quick with wit as a weapon? Check. Complex plots rife with reminiscences, reversals and betrayals? Check, check, and check.
As the founder and once-mastermind of acclaimed small indie press Candlemark & Gleam (now helmed by fellow renaissance woman Athena Andreadis), I had the honor of helping release some of the best new works in the neo-noir resurgence; these days, I'm digging into the best vintage pulp and noir with The Fiction League podcast.
And now, I get to share that dark, brooding twist on speculative fiction with you in this spectacular bundle.
Firmly noir, the bundle nevertheless ranges widely across speculative fiction subgenres: space opera, high and urban fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, alternative history, dieselpunk. From corrupt elves to Twitter-obsessed superheroes, from werewolf cops to ghostly soul whisperers, it's all here!

You'll get shadowy settings, the electric hum of eroticism, bouts of spectacular violence, and lose-lose scenarios familiar to devotees of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, James Ellroy, and Patricia Highsmith; of Blade RunnerStrange Days, and the dark Batman reboots. Add a dash of snark, a jigger of suspense, and garnish with a twist of epic proportions for a neo-noir cocktail that'll leave you reeling…and thirsty for more.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Guest post: Trisha Faye, editor of IN CELEBRATION OF SISTERS

Confession time. There's a reason I usually write speculative fiction: I'm not very good at writing about reality and my own life. But when Trisha Faye put out a call for poems about sisters, I had to try, and I'm thrilled to say that "I Cherish Allegra" is included in the just-released anthology IN CELEBRATION OF SISTERS. Trisha stopped by to tell us more about the project.

*   *   *
by Trisha Faye

Anne, thank you for the invitation for a guest blog. I’m excited about my newest release, In Celebration of Sisters, which is a collection of many stories and poems from talented writers. In fact, that’s how Anne and I connected. She has a poem in this anthology, honoring her sister Allegra and the sister memories she has, even though Allegra left this earth many years too early.

That’s been my favorite part of working on this anthology – meeting new authors and reading the delightful tales that celebrate the wonderful world of sisterhood. There’s some old friends in this book too. Several of the featured authors also had stories in my first anthology, In Celebration of Mothers, which was released a year ago. A new book about sisters seemed to be a natural follow-up.

Publishing an anthology brought about a whole different set of challenges than simply writing a story or a book. There were coordination issues between almost forty authors, getting permissions, collecting pictures, formatting, and trying to keep it all on schedule. I felt like I needed to put on a totally different hat for these tasks. But, you know, it’s in the working with new challenges and opportunities that we all experience growth – both personally and professionally. And at the end, when we can look back and see that we accomplished something we set out to do, it makes it all worth it.

The best part about the experiences of publishing two anthologies (with a third underway and set for publication in March 2018) is the new friendships that are formed. Through this, I’ve met an array of fascinating people who craft with words to touch others with their tales. And through the virtual world of email, the internet and social media, we can connect and interact in ways that were unthought-of not that many years ago. We’re not limited to having fellow authors – or readers – in our circle that we meet at book signings, in the bookstores, or on the physical path of life.

Anthology editor Trisha Faye and her sister
With Anne in Brooklyn, as I sit in Texas I most likely wouldn’t have crossed paths with her with her YA and Middle Grade books. I wouldn’t learn that she writes poetry also, nor that she had an older sister, Allegra, who had a perfect hiding place in the woods and didn’t like the ladder going to the upper bunk bed. But thanks to this anthology, and the virtual world we live in, my life is richer from meeting these wondrous new friends across the globe.

In Celebration of Sisters rejoices in the dynamics of sisters of all phases of life – those that have had a falling out and been reunited, other sisters, like Allegra, that were gone from life too soon, sisters from another mother, and the most glorious of all – sisters that are golden threads in the meaning of life. You can find their many stories, memories, and recollections here. Meanwhile, I’ll keep on celebrating sisters…and mothers…and the new friends I meet along the journey of this magical writing life.

*   *   *

You can order In Celebration of Sisters on Amazon.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#LGBT #YALit #Scifi novella EXIT CODE now available!

It's launch day for my future-city novella! 

Danger lurks just down the tracks.
To escape, you'll need the


It’s Chicago in the year 2057, and Tren Alvarez is on a date with Geo, the hottest boy in his high school class. Things are going great until Geo suggests they take a ride on the Stacks, the recently built all-city transit system that has practically replaced cars in the Chicago metro area. Tren has an unfounded fear of the Stacks. He even buys into urban legends claiming people have boarded the little carriage pods, slid up onto the snaking tracks, and were never heard from again.
As the date progresses, the boys witness something that suggests Tren isn’t just being paranoid. When they make the mistake of investigating the next day while Tren’s little sister Ezzie is with them, everything turns upside down. Trying to impress somebody he likes quickly turns into trying to save Ezzie – and the whole city of Chicago.

*   *   *
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