Friday, May 13, 2011

Freedom Is Scary

School's out for summer, if I may quote Alice Cooper (and why not?). I graded all the exams and have wiped the chalk dust from my hands.

And now I'm free to write. How thrilling! How terrifying! No excuses, nothing in my way. Hope I can be a grown-up about this, rather than a kid in a candy story, munching everything in sight and making myself sick. The writerly equivalent would be writing a little bit of lots of things and finishing nothing. Or worse, thinking about writing lots of things and not actually doing it because I'm overwhelmed.

Trying to make goals, reasonable goals, for each day and each week. At the very least my adult SF novel will get finished, since I'm drafting chapter 18 now. The trick is to decide what other projects to work on.

Pretty nice problem to have, eh?

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  1. Ah! I admit it, Anne! You've struck me to the core. :D I have a horrible habit of being the kid in the candy store when it comes to writing.

    But you're right. It IS a nice problem to have when you pause to think about it. Thank you for putting it in that perspective. I'll resolve now to be thankful for imagination and ideas, and commit to finishing something.

    Best of luck with your SF novel! It sounds fascinating. :)

    Londy from WR