Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Hop: Getting Noticed! Look at Me!

Today's Alternative-read is "What lengths would you go to, to get noticed as an author/writer?" Well, let's see...

I'd vacuum an agent's office suite, even the sofa cushions. I'd write a gushing review of the 850-page ms about nail polish by a senior editor's daughter. I'd do a homemade-cupcake giveaway on my blog (maximum five thousand). I'd do a book tour that put me in Anchorage late Tuesday night and Miami early Wednesday morning. I'd empty my savings and max out my credit for one 20-second book trailer broadcast in Times Square. I'd grow my hair long and get some plastic surgery so I could be on mainstream TV.

Okay, those might be jokes. But one thing I really am willing to do for attention is blog-hop when I should be writing. Anyone else know that feeling?


  1. I wish I could hire someone to do the promoting for me. :)

  2. LOL Anne. Love the gushing review on nail polish!

  3. I love reading other peoples thoughts on their blogs. If only I had more time for everything. There are so many good blogs around these days.

  4. Hi Anne! Such funny ideas LOL

    Great to hear you say that - blog hopping *IS* one of the best ways - and it's much more personal and FUN!

    Besides, you needed the break :)


    Here's my Extreme Blog Hopping post!!

  5. Put me down for one of the cupcakes!

    Liz xx

  6. I bet you could do some of those things for sure. But, I'm one of those that need a Publicist.

  7. I know that feeling all too well. :)
    Love the other ideas! lol

  8. Since I'm promoting my new book right now, I can totally relate to this! On #kidlitchat the other night, I *jokingly* offered to convince a man's wife to buy him a puppy if he bought my book for his son. Yeah, I was joking--sort of.

  9. LOL Anne. I'm blog-hopping right now, I must confess. As for the promotions, well, I thought about sending a rider on horseback to deliver a book about Paul Revere but the idea wasn't well received. Thanks for the chuckle. I'm going to start researching nail polish..........

  10. Ha!850-page ms about nail polish! I always procrastinate just a little by blog-hopping before starting to write...sometimes more than just a little :)

  11. 5000 cupcakes....holy heck! I wish I could hire someone to do all the promo admin stuff for me. I dont have time to write anymore cause of all the promo. Keep up the hard work authors. Only we know how hard it really is.