Friday, May 27, 2011

Broken Blogger

Dear Friends,

Blogger (run by Google) has a chronic problem that is keeping many of you from commenting on this and all other blogspot blogs. In fact, I can't even comment on my own site!
There is a massive complaint thread on this topic on Blogger's help forum, but it's not doing any good.

Those of you who are able to comment, please leave a note to say by what method you signed in that allowed you to post a comment successfully. I believe the problem occurs for those signing in with a Google (gmail) ID.

And thanks to all of you who are commenting on my posts. I love reading your thoughts and I'm not ignoring you!



  1. I believe you have to already be signed in, in order to comment. So I sign into my own blogger account, then hop around to the blogs I visit and comment. So far, that seems to be working.


  2. I have never been able to post comments when I'm using Firefox (Blogger wants me to sign in, even when I already am), but let's see if Safari works...

    Yep, it looks like it's gonna.

  3. Ditto, Courtney. If I log in to my blogger account then posting is a snap. Otherwise it doesn't work.

  4. Google Friend Connect's been having a lot of issues lately too. Ah, technology.

  5. Hi Anne,

    I've been having all those problems with Blogger, but just logged into my AIM (AOL) account and that seems to be working. :) YAY!