Monday, July 2, 2012

Aliens & Weird Stuff 2 Now on Kindle! (Smashwords next week)

Look out! There are aliens in your town! Or there will be, once you get the new Aliens & Weird Stuff 2, another trio of oddball stories I wrote for kids.

- An alien lands on Earth in "The Crusty-Hearted Man," and he has a better weapon than a laser gun for melting an icy personality.
- The mountain behind Lisa Winkles' house is red, and it's not for the reason anyone in her town thinks. Lisa discovers the secret of "Red Mountain".
- A kid finds a "Gumwad" on the sidewalk. How weird can that be...?

You can get it on Kindle here! Coming to Smashwords next week, for all you Nookers and PDF fans.

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