Friday, July 1, 2011

New Published Story, "Skinny Old Doug"

Delighted that my story "Skinny Old Doug" was published today in the July issue of Underneath the Juniper Tree.  Follow this link and scroll to page 19 of the magazine (which is page 25 of the file). Better yet, read and enjoy the whole issue!

Juniper Tree, July


  1. Anne,

    You won my book, The Pea In Peanut Butter!! I will get that out to you tomorrow. But I wanted to tell you I read your story "Skinny Old Doug" and really enjoyed it. I laughed at how wonderfully you described "Doug craned his neckbones so hard to listen that his jawbone fell off into the dirt" Brilliant!! Fantastic description. Your writing of that story was really incredible and I admire your talent! I really admire anyone who can write deep, dark stories like that. So far, I only have confidence in writing fluffy, kids stuff so I really do admire your talent for words and description. Goodluck in your writing endeavors and I hope you enjoy The Pea In Peanut Butter!

  2. Very enjoyable story, Anne. All of the characters were enjoyable, the story was interesting, and I really liked the message upon Doug's grave.

  3. Anne, I couldn't get the issue to load completely and when I tried to jump to page 19, it was a different story. I'll try again later, but congrats all the same.

  4. That's a great-looking zine! The illustrations are really top-notch, and your story deserved to be included. Nice work.