Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog Hop: Twisting in the Wind

Thanks to Alternative-Read and L.P. Robinson for an interesting blog hop question: "How would you define a 'twist'? Do you use a twist in every scene or just at the end of the book?" I thought this would require a long answer, but, speaking only for myself, it's pretty straightforward.

Baby, I twist more than Chubby Checker. if by "twist" we mean the plot heading somewhere unexpected. I try to make this happen with every chapter, every scene, even every sentence. It needn't be a lurching, grating twist every time, like a car being scrapped at a junkyard. It can be a twist as gentle as braiding a princess's hair. But there must be constant twists.

If the plot goes where the reader knows it will go, at any level, then the reader will lose interest. Or, worse, it will be pleasant only to the reader who wants to be spoonfed. Pardon my candor, but I'm not writing for that reader.


  1. You're writing won't ever be boring!

  2. Anne, Great outlook on twists. We shouldn't expect boring from you. Good luck in your writing ventures.

    Cher Green

  3. I love plot twists--as long as they aren't so far out there that you think, No way. I've seen writers throw things out there just for the sake of a twist and it's so far out there that it doesn't make sense. Twists are great, but they have to be done right.

  4. Having my writing become predictable is one of my worse fears. "Twists" keep it interesting for everyone!

  5. So, funny Anne, LOL I love the twisting more than Chubby Checker reference, I do that, too! A lot! :)

    Here's my response to this week's blog hop question! I'll try not to be so slow next week, Anne! ;)



  6. Anne, I too love the Chubby Checker part. lol I hope my twists won't ever be boring or strung 'way out there' like khashway said.

    I want to keep the reader guessing until the very end.

    Good post, Anne.

  7. Keep twisting babe! It is a great work out for the hips...I know it is only exercise I get! Gotta love it, the butterfly effect.