Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Acquisition Announcement: Candlemark & Gleam welcomes a new Webrid novel

Hey, Webrid fans!

You helped everyone's favorite snarky carter figure out where that laser in his forehead came from in GREEN LIGHT DELIVERY.

You watched Webrid and friends keep their solar system from cracking apart in BLUE DIAMOND DELIVERY.

And now I am thrilled to report that Candlemark & Gleam Publishing has officially announced the acquisition of RED SPAWN DELIVERY. Poor Webrid, who just wants to sit around guzzling booze, has to hop from planet to planet, chasing down fifty kidnapped alien spider babies. This was not what he had planned for the week.

And if you have not yet been introduced to Webrid or the other madcap characters in the Raralt Planetary Circle, I promised you'll be tickled. These novels have been described as a cross between Douglas Adams and Raymond Chandler, so you know you won't be bored!

See the official announcement on the Candlemark & Gleam blog. The novel is scheduled for release in early 2017.

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