Thursday, July 16, 2015

Save the Funny #Scifi. Pre-Order Alternate Hilarities: Weirder Science #AltHilKS4

If you know my work, you know I love funny.

And now I've gotten myself involved (embroiled?) in another funny project. Strange Musings Press is publishing Alternate Hilarities: Weirder Science, the fourth volume in a series that pays tribute to a previous sci-fi periodical of the same name, from back in the day when magazines existed only as bound paper objects.

I'm very pleased that my space mining caper, "The Motherlode," will be included in this new anthology. And now's your chance to pre-order through Kickstarter:

Here's some info from the series editor, Giovanni Valentino:

Science can be both savior and damnation. The inventions of the great minds of the world can make our lives easier, bring about our destruction and facilitate the delivery of terabits worth of funny cat videos. Technically, those last two might be the same thing.
Here is a collection of humorous tales of science like the perils of time travel, how body switching can both help and hurt the gender gap, the woes of the classic Mad Scientist in a modern world and the importance of pizza throughout the universe.
So grab your guide and towel. Get ready to brave the dangerous terrain of theory and hypothesis.

Madness and Science go hand and hand.
Skipping, Singing and Laughing Maniacally!

Seriously...don't you simply need to read this?

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