Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guest Blogger Amy McCorkle

Any James Bond fans out there? Amy McCorkle's new story is Another Way to Die, a sexy, nail-biting thriller from MuseItUp Publishing. She kindly agreed to share some thoughts about the process of writing this story.

*  *  *

Writing Another Way To Die wasn’t supposed to end in publication. That wasn’t the plan at all when I started it. I was putting together a screenplay and movie package and wanted something to do with my time while I waited for an actor to get back to me with an answer as to whether or not he would attach himself to that project and I needed something to keep me busy. And I wanted to write a James Bond story. More succinctly I wanted to fall in love with a character who looked suspiciously like Daniel Craig and voila, Daniel Logan was born.

Well, it wasn’t quite that simple. I thought I also wanted to tell a marathoning story. In the subsequent rewrites the only running involved were the chase sequences. And Daniel Logan turned out be the hero I fell in love with.

At the time I was reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. That, combined with my own personal experiences, and a dash of high drama the core of the heroine’s (Almira Sands) backstory was settled on. And while the story is gritty and dark there is a HFN* involved and there are plans to eventually create stories for Luke Logan and another character.

I love my cover, I hated the editing process, not my editor, but the process, and am hopeful I never lose that much of a story again. LOL.

*HFN is an ending in which the characters are “happy for now.” -AEJ

*   *    *

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? If you'd like to purchase Another Way to Die, click here.

Learn more about Amy McCorkle by visiting her website.


  1. Sounds awesome! What's not to love about a character modeled after Daniel Craig? :)

  2. Thank you. And yes he is rather delicious isn't he?

  3. I love the James Bond films, Amy, and the sound of your book - although I'm not so keen on Daniel Craig (sorry)! in the role and the way the films have changed

  4. I hope you'll all have a look see at my book, I would to know what you all think of it after you've read it.

  5. I love the cover too. Makes the book look and sound that much more intriguing. Goodluck with it!