Thursday, September 15, 2011

Global Blog Tag: 10 Random Facts about Anne E. Johnson

Have you ever played a GLOBAL game of tag?
Well, I'm It.
I've been tagged by children's author Miranda Paul.

Rules (if you're tagged): You must be tagged by someone; list 10 random facts about yourself; tag four more people.
Ready or not, here I go!

1. I've been teaching music history and music theory for 15 years.

2. In 1984, my mother made me a birthday cake in the shape of K-9, Doctor Who's robot dog. This picture of it was published in the Whovian Times.

3. My father is a journalist. I think that's why I can write so fast.

4. I'm a pretty good tap dancer.

5. Although I never rode in an airplane until I was 16, as a child I traveled all across the U.S. on car trips with my family.

6. I'm married to a playwright, Ken Munch. A lot of writing goes on at our house!

7. In college I majored in Ancient Greek and Latin. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. There's no better way to get to know how language works and how it developed.

8. When my mother was in the Peace Corps, I got to visit her in Morocco. 

9. In July of 2012 I will have lived in New York City for 20 years.

10. Because I've lived in NYC for so long, a trip to a suburban shopping mall is an exciting and exotic experience for me.

And I tag the following four unsuspecting writers:

1. Debra Brenegan
2. Gueh Yanting Claudine
3. Roseanne Dowell
4. Cat DeLallo

You're it!
And everyone else: tell me one thing about you!


  1. Wonderful! Isn't this a fun game? Since I already posted 10 random things on my blog, I'll just say this was an awesome post, Anne! I feel like I really "know" you :)

  2. Hi Anne! Thanks for sharing! What a great experience visiting Morocco must have been!

  3. What great facts! Your husband sounds like a real neat guy...

  4. Wow, such interesting things! Love the K-9 cake!

  5. Ha ha, Ken. Yes, I'm sure you'd find him fascinating. :) See you at dinner tonight. <3

    Miranda, thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed this.

    Hi, Dawn! Morocco was really an interesting place.

  6. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the tag! (Oh dear, I'd just posted on another topic for this week's blog. Hope there isn't a timeline for this? I'll get on to it next week if it's ok. And yep, I'll tag four more unsuspecting ones ... =) Mwahaha)

    Back to your random facts: I love the cake, and the fact that your mother was in the Peace Corps!

  7. No time limit, Claudine. Glad you want to play.

  8. Thanks for tagging me! I love that you studied Greek and Latin -- I always wanted to do that. So jealous!!

  9. Thanks for sharing, Anne. I'm not sure mine are going to be as interesting, but I'm playing.

  10. Roseanne, I'm so glad you're playing! Looking forward to whatever you have to share.

    Debra, thanks for stopping by and checking out the game of tag. Hope you're intrigued enough to play a round yourself!

  11. Hey, what's this 'random' business? You can make a story out of your ten, Anne.

  12. I'm having a great time reading about everyone this week!

  13. Hmm, I already spilled 10 things about me, but let's see if I can think of another. Okay, when I was younger, you couldn't put any reflective surface in front of me or I'd make funny faces at myself until you took it away. My daughter does this now. She's so much like me.