Friday, February 18, 2011

Nice Words to Read

I must share this paragraph from the new issue of Children's Writer magazine. Patricia Curtis Pfitch wrote an overview of her experience judging the historical fiction contest, in which my story, "Stronger Than Magic," placed second:

"In 'Stronger Than Magic,' Hippocrates is portrayed as an early prototype of Western medicine. As we watch Hippocrates diagnose and heal in defiance of the gods and the prevailing views of illness, we feel like we are seeing the birth of medicine as we know it. But more, we suffer with the young slave Xanthias as his sister falls ill. We feel his agony when he thinks it is his fault. We race with him through the streets of Abdera to find Hippocrates." (Children's Writer, March 2011, p. 7)

It's a great feeling to know that my fiction had the intended effect on the reader. I hope to get that feeling over and over during my career.

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